PEI Summerside Wedding 03.10.2015 - Lacewood Studios Photography

Summerside P.E.I Windy Wedding

When I heard that my childhood friend, the uber talented and top rated Ontario wedding photographer Ash Nayler, was going to be shooting a wedding in PEI, I literally invited myself along as second shooter. This was my first time working as a second shooter ever, so I wasn't exactly sure what I should or should not be doing. I was also in the middle of a very difficult first trimester pregnancy, where food was not a friend and I was a little concerned that I might just be sick at any moment (and of course it was still a secret). Still...there was no way I was missing this opportunity. The day was freezing. There were hurricane force winds which had shut down the beaches - neither of which stopped this courageous bride from climbing and hiking and braving the cold in her amazingly lovely short wedding dress. It was amazing. And I didn't get sick. Win win.

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