Rain and Rainbow Wedding in Sackville 22.10.2016 - Lacewood Studios Photography
Rainy Day Riverview and Sackville Wedding

Brunch at The Cocoa and a Rainbow in Sackville

Oh my soul, if this wasn't just the FUNNEST wedding I have ever had the chance to photograph, I don't know what was! This easy-going, quirky, and somewhat nerdy couple and I spent our whole day laugh and dancing in the rain.

The stage was set for a truly unique wedding with an early morning, pre-sunrise wake up call for hair and make up. We had to start early because the Ceremony was being held at the Cocoa in Riverview at 10am! A brief and sweet ceremony and some family photos were followed immediately by the brunch reception. What a great idea for a meal. Then some tearful speeches and some rocking dances finished off the day before 1pm.

And you know what that means? That means an entire afternoon and evening for photos! (Confession: I wish every client gave me 7 hours for photos). We had time to drive to Shediac, and shoot at multiple places. But the BEST part of taking all the photos AFTER the ceremony and reception were over? No need to worry whatsoever about the state of ones hair or dress, which is very freeing. Especially if it's pouring rain on your wedding day. Which it was.

And the BEST part about rain on your wedding day? When you are standing on a bridge at sunset, overlooking the water, and the clouds break and the sun shines through and the most amazing rainbow appears! 

I don't think I will ever again have a wedding like this one: where I spend my day singing directions in the rain and end the evening dancing in the rain under a rainbow with two of the most pleasant and cheerful people ever. 

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